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Hot & Cold Therapy Packs

Our mother-and-daughter team offers meticulously designed and sewn Body Packs with rice-filled channels. Use these to perform effective Hot/Cold therapies. Each pack can be customized to your color preference & material type.


Always check the INTERIOR temperature of our Body-Designed Hot/Cold Therapy Packs. The exterior may feel cooler (or warmer) to your touch, but always check the temperature on the interior before placing on yourself or clients. Especially in regards to the Self-Care Sleeves & Hand/Feet Mitts. This also applies to any pack that is folded onto itself in the heating or cooling process.

Eye Pack

      This Eye Pack features 3 channels, one larger channel in the center for the eyes & a smaller channel on each side to hit the temples.

      Gentle fabric on client's side for skin sensitivity and custom fabric on exterior side. Ideal for encouraging relaxation as well as cooling for eyes & sinuses. Great for retail or as client "homework."

Price: $15 shipping included

New Option Available!

~ Want to wear your Eye Pack without it slipping off? Add a Strap** at NO CHARGE ~

>>>Ideal for retail<<<

Cold Therapy recommended

Heat: 20 second max*

**Warning: Strap is made with fold-over elastic, not suitable if you have a severe latex allergy.

Face Pack

      The Face Pack is unique in it's design. It offers multiple channels allowing this pack to not only sit over the eyes, but to also drape along the jaw, around & over the mouth, & under the jaw-line. This pack is designed with the full face in mind with a special focus along the sinus cavities.   

      Gentle fabric on client's side for skin sensitivity and custom fabric on exterior side. 5 Face Pack Towels for professional use are available upon request. Ideal for relaxation, TMJ, post-facial/dental surgery recovery, post-injection recovery, and sinus issues. Fantastic addition for facials. Great for retail or as client "homework.”

Price: $38 + $5 shipping

*Additional Face Pack Towels - 5 for $10

New Option Available!

~ Want to wear your Face Pack without it slipping off? Add a Strap** for only $5 ~

>>>Ideal for retail<<<

Cold Therapy Recommended

Heat: 1 minute max*

**Warning: Strap is made with fold-over elastic, not suitable if you have a severe latex allergy.

Neck Pack

        The Neck Pack is designed to hit the upper shoulders, over the top of the shoulders, along the base of the neck, & over the top of the decollete . Multiple channels keep the rice in place so you don't have hot spots.

         Many patterns available. Ideal for sitting positions. Great for retail or as client "homework."

Price: $27 + $5 shipping

Cold Therapy

Heat: 2-3 minutes*

Little Gem

        The Little Gem is true to it's name. A versatile pack that is compact enough for easy packing & travel but substantial enough to hit the spot. Similar in design to the Spot Pack, this pack is great for pretty much anywhere. The perfect size to rest on the back of the neck during a spasm, the perfect design to hit acute joint pain, & the wonderful addition of an extra layer of fleece making this pack the ideal pocket for hard to treat areas like elbows & ankles. This is one of our favorites (well, mine at least ;-) -Bethany) & truly lives up to it's name as a Little Gem of our collection.

       Many patterns of fleece fabric available to give a "totally you" vibe. Ideal for therapeutic use (fits great in a small hot towel cabinet) as well as retail or for client's "homework".


Single Gem - $13 + $5 shipping

Pair of Gems - $21 + $5 shipping

Cold Therapy

Heat: 45 seconds*

Spot Pack

      The Spot Pack has a total of 4 channels to maintain rice placement for optimal heat distribution. There are 2 channels in the middle making a circle with the larger channels forming rings around it. This makes it ideal for draping over knees & shoulders joint. This design also creates a "heat center" for other places needing direct heat or cold therapy.

      Fabric options vary. Ideal for therapeutic application rather than general relaxation. Great for retail or as client "homework."

Price: $25 + $5 shipping

Cold Therapy

Heat: 3 minutes*

Hand/Feet Mitts

      Hand/Feet Mitts have vertical channels on one side & horizontal channels on the other. This allows for even heat distribution along the joints & soft portions of the hands & feet.

      Fabric options vary. Perfect for add-on paraffin treatments, joint stiffness, & those suffering from Raynaud's disease. Ideal for therapeutic application as well as retail or client "homework".

Price: $55 a set + $10 shipping

Cold Therapy

Heat: 2 minutes*

Self-Care Sleeves

      Self-Care Sleeves are designed as the ultimate in self-care, whether you are a Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Aerialist, or Lifter, these will give your forearms & hands the TLC they need. Vertical channels along the forearm, horizontal channels around the wrist, a thick & circular channel for the palm, horizontal channels across the fingers, & a full channel wrap around the often neglected thumb.  

       Fabric is a soft fleece in multiple patterns. These are ideal for self-care. Stays hot/cold for a good 25 minutes. Can be used for retail, but designed for personal use.

Price: $40 for single sleeve + $5 shipping

$73 for set + $10 shipping

-One Size Fits Most, we include a Lycra sleeve to go over for a cozy fit

Cold Therapy Recommended

Heat: 2 minutes each when heated separately*

The Office Pal

      The Office Pal is perfect for those sitting at a computer for long hours. Designed with rectangular channels that hug the sides of the spine, climbs up over the shoulders, & rests along the decollete. This piece is very versatile in it's potential uses. The Office Pal would be the perfect addition to those in the healthcare industry. 20 - 25 inches long. Extra length available upon request at an additional charge.

      Fabric options vary. Ideal for self-care, professional use, & retail. Also wonderful for gifts!

Price: $70 + $10 shipping**

Cold Therapy

Heat: 3 minutes** (based on 1000 watt microwave) 

** Occasionally shorter Office Pals, called "Shorties", will be available in the Online Shop for the discounted price of $60 + $10 shipping. Heating time for the Shorties is approx. 2 1/2 Minutes (based on a 1000 watt microwave).

Back Pack

      The top piece of the Back Pack features a circle pattern with outer rings for the channels to focus heat over the rhomboids & gently rest over the muscles of the upper back. It's unique design features extended shoulder pieces to hit the base of the neck & top of the shoulders while laying prone, and the highlight feature of this pack are the side "wings". These wings are sewn separately then attached to the upper pack to allow them to hang over the teres muscles (muscles commonly missed by heat packs)

      Fabric options vary. Two pieces. Ideal for therapeutic and relaxation modalities. Weight is also helpful for those who have sensory sensitivities. Can be used for retail, but designed for practitioner use.

      We now have an Upgraded Bottom Piece for our 2-Piece Back Pack! This piece is wider & longer to cover the glutes & sides more inclusively. With a stabilizing pocket over the sacrum & starburst pattern pockets over the hips & glutes, this piece works great for Plus Size clients & also as a lovely lap pack ;-) For stability, this piece is reinforced with double fabric layers.


  • Original 2-Piece Back Pack - $95 + $15 shipping
  • 2-Piece Back Pack w/ Upgraded Bottom - $115 + $15 shipping
  • Upgraded Bottom Piece ONLY - $65 + $10 shipping

Cold Therapy

Heat: 3 1/2 minutes per piece*

* These times are based off of heating in a 700 Watt microwave. Times will vary for different wattage.  

- We recommend (especially for large packs like the Back Pack) using a roaster for professional use & lining the bottom with stained glass globs to avoid scorching the packs.

- All packs are Hot Towel Cabinet safe, lay flat at end of day to ensure packs remain dry.


Improper use of our packs can lead to injury such as burns (heat & cold related).

Perfect Pockets PLUS cannot control individual use & is not liable for injuries sustained due to improper use

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