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The Pipeline 

Therapy Packs, Holsters, Belts and More are On the Way!

We are always tweaking our current products & innovating new ones. Here's what we have in The Pipeline...

Hip Health Belt - for arthritis, menstrual cramps, swelling, or general inflammation, this custom belt is adjustable so it will sit where you need it when you need it, even when you're in motion. This makes it possible to get things done while you're getting some relief. That's multi-tasking at its finest! 

This is just another one of the great products that accompany our therapy packs, holsters, and bundles.

The Christmas Body Shawl is the epitome of luxory, comfort, & quality. Designed to be soft, versatile, & perfect for those chilly moments. We have nicknamed it, The Giant Hug, because that is exactly what it feels like. Able to be warmed or cooled, the weight is perfect to bring those shoulders back down & allow your body & mind to settle. Take our word for it, this piece is AMAZING!

We use specialty fabric for the outer piece, fabric so soft you'll just want to curl up in it. And the inside is lined with a durable, soft, & gentle flannel.

Future Custom Therapy Packs 

Therapeutic Arm Pack - designing for therapeutic arm treatments. This pack will feature a slight incline for comfort on the table & a firm channel placement for optimal hand & wrist disengagement.

Cervical Therapy Pack - cervical alignment with therapeutic heat around the crown & along the cervical region wrapping over the shoulders to rest on the pectorals. This will be an invaluable tool for therapists working with chronic neck conditions.

Breast Surgery Recovery Pack - after breast surgery (reconstructive, mastectomy, reductions, enhancement) the area along the incisions can be extremely swollen & sore, but traditional ice packs can be too intense... This pack will be shaped around the breasts & will be a much gentler way to introduce inflammation reducing cold. This pack will also be amazing for women who are sore after wearing an underwire bra or exercise. This will be designed for every cup size, this includes larger cup sizes.

Cold Cap - recently we have been approached about creating a cold pack for those suffering from migraines & headaches that will cover the back of the head while upright. This Pack will completely cover the back of the head with channels designed to follow the small but incredible muscles around the skull with a lycra band that will hold it in place like a cap.

Shoulder Girdle Support Pack - we are still working on the pattern for this pack, but we are looking to create a hot/cold therapy pack to completely encompass the shoulder & upper arm.

Mother's Day Pampering Foot Wrap - This beautiful pack is perfect for resting your legs & feet after a long day. It can be used hot or cold & is the perfect gift for someone you care about.... like Mom :)

Can be used under the legs (as shown) or on top of the legs. The perfect weight, with rice channels running parallel to the calves with horizontal channels for the ankles. The pack pocket has vertical rice channels on top of the feet to comfort the tarsals & horizontal channels for under the feet to better reach the soles. Obviously the pack pocket channels are reversed if you place the pack on top of your legs rather than under.

This special treat comes in 3 colors with a lovely bag for easy storage.

Tell us what YOU think we should work on!

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