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World Massage Festival Day 1

After a long drive, we made it to Cherokee, NC, and Bethany and Kim are enjoying the festival with a number of massage therapists and professionals. This isn't going to be any type of formal post, like the others have been, and at the end, I'll be adding a picture that won't swallow the post....hopefully.

I've always been curious about what's the most valuble thing one massage therapist can offer to another. Is it information? Care? Exposure? Friendship? You can make an argument for any of these. Being with my children, and seeing the value that both Bethany and I bring into their lives (and they into ours), I would say the most valuble resource for massage therapists is the most obvious. Time. There are occupations out there that are naturally lonely and naturally trying when it comes to making success. Massage isn't one of them. From secondhand experience, Bethany had some of the most success when she had another massage therapist to talk to. My wife and I are best friends, but it isn't the same as someone who walks in the same shoes, more or less.

So if you're at the WMF (acronyms), the most valuble thing you can do is network. Talk to other people, share what you know, and I'm sure you'll gain something. If you aren't at the festival, find some MTs around you. It is more difficult, and nervewracking to do outside of an event, but it is just as rewarding.

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