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Welcome to our Website & BLOG!!!!  We are so pleased to meet you & to share with you all the nifty stuff we've been working.

My name is Bethany & I am a Licensed Massage Therapist/Stay-At-Home-Mom, the daughter.

As you browse our pages you will see that we are a Mother/Daughter team; momma does the sewing, daughter does the managing.  Both do the designing!  We love this!  

Perfect Pockets PLUS allows us to be creative, to fill the gaps that seem to be present in the Massage Industry Supply Options.  Body-Designed Hot/Cold Therapy Packs, Custom-Crafted Massage Holsters, Self-Care that actually works WITH you, & reasonable prices to make it all possible.

Want to design something new just for your practice?  We can help with that too.  Want to sell our AMAZING products to help your clients get the most out of their sessions?  We can do that too

We want to help you do the best you can.  When I was having trouble finding comfortable belts for my creme, my mom helped me fix the problem.  When my mom wanted to make body packs that were effective, I helped her follow muscle groups.  We work together for both of our benefit, let us work together for your benefit 

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