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October Sky - Beat the Grey

The summer sun has finally gone to sleep, and we're coming into the time of year where sun screen is replaced by more clothes. I love this time of year because of all the things that fall (and winter) bring. In some places, nature comes alive in a spectrum of colors. The falling leaves provide an extra special pillow to jump in. Sports fans enjoy football at every level. And if you're like me, you've decided that smores are great at any time. Guess what we'll have after dinner! 

The fall and winter are wonderful. But not everyone looks forward to the tail end of the year. It gets cold, uncomfortable, and your sky may look something like today, where we never saw the sun. No matter how fun the coming Halloween haul seems, many just can't seem to shake the dreary nature of a dark, cloudy sky. Some call it seasonal effective disorder. Others call it winter blues, but it's a little early for that. All we know is the sunshine has gone, and for many of us, so has much joy.

So what can we do to make our fall and winter months a little brighter? There are multiple scientifically backed recommednations, like tanning or taking extra vitamin D (or better yet, finding ways to take in natural sunlight). Today, I'm going to talk about why colors matter and how they can be used for you. This will be a basic overview of how warm and cold colors impact your mood; I won't be covering everything. If you're interested, there are manyresources available online, or you can speak with a psychologist.

Disclaimer - people are different, and the impact of colors may not show the same for everyone.

Cold Colors

Blue: Blue is a typically calming color. It makes you think of water, the sky, things that flow, that don't rush. Many people utilize blue to create a soothing enviornment, inviting meditation and reflection. But I would not suggest the color to beat the grey in your life. While it is a calming color, it is also cold, meaning it leaves you feeling physically cold. I would not recommend using blue unless it is mixed with a warm color, like red or orange. Sky blue may be an exception, but for now, we aren't diving into details.

Purple: Purple represents two things on most occasions. It represents wealth or luxury, and it can alsoreflect creativity. There is a mystical tone that purples, particularly violet, projects. It is why you would see purple wizard hats in older shows or costumes. It encourages deep thought and meditation. However, unlike blue, purple is a color of exploration and innovation. Personally, I am neutral on purples. This particular color doesn't appear to have an impact on beating the fall/winter blues. Exceptions to these could be lilac, lavender, or amethyst. In this instance, I would also place Pink in this bracket.

Green: Greens are commonly associated with nature, particularly trees, grass, and other natural vegetation. Greens are typically the easiest for eyes to process. The eyes don't get as fatigued, and that can have a direct effect on the body. Speaking of the body, green is also a representation of natural health. I would recommend green as a color to use to beat the grey skies. So long as you don't have a sickly green tone, you should be good. This would also be one to mix with blues, if possible.

Grey: Don't do grey.....

Warm Colors

Red: Red is used all around, isn't it? Traffic signs, bad guys in game, blood, red has so much impact on our environment, natural and man-made. Red is associated with urgency, and it depends on the individual whether that is benign or malignant. It can be a surge of energy or it can trigger anxiety. This one is difficult, as I can see reasons to avoid it as well as implement it. I would certainly mix it with a blue or orange. Red represents life, and that could be a valued asset when plants start to hibernate.

Orange: Orange can be related to breathing and energy levels, but not to the extent that red is. There is also research claiming it is associated with hunger. I personally highly recommend orange to improve your mood, much in the same way I would recommend lighter shades of purple.

Yellow: Yellow is the color of vital things, flowers, and the sun. It is directly related to people's level of happiness, both good and bad. While it makes people think of the sun, it is also one of the most complex colors for our eyes to process. That can lead to irritability and even headaches. I would recommend using yellow, so long as you do not saturate your senses with it.

Brown: Browns can either be associated with Earth, like green, or it can be associated with dirt. "Earth tones" tend to be personal preference.

So what does all that have to do with us here at Perfect Pockets Plus? After all, we offer custom massage belts and self-care products. That is different than painting an entire room. The impact of color and tones is part of why we put such high value into customizing your products. If you have a spot pack and a sore leg, why not give it a little extra? The next time you visit our store, make color a priority in what you order. It could be the big step in breaking the year-end lull.

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