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      Hey everyone, Bethany here.  In case you don't know, I'm a licensed massage therapist in the states of Arkansas where I live & Illinois where I am from.  I LOVE what I do!  It has given me a lot of insight for helping with the design of our Hot/Cold Therapy Packs & even MORE insight for what works for a Holster & what doesn't.  This is actually one of our major points at Perfect Pockets PLUS, our products are designed FOR LMT's BY an LMT.  So, with that in mind, you can probably guess that I am a bit biased toward massage therapy in general .... so I want to talk about that for a minute...


    I had a client this week who only gets a massage once a year... ONCE A YEAR.  This gentleman was very nice, tall, healthy, fit.... but in pain.  He works out (yay staying active!), but only got massage when things "got messed up"... this year's massage was for a strained back from a particular CrossFit workout.

    I wish this kind of story was rare, but it's not.  So many people only get massage when something is wrong.  And I understand that, when something hurts on me you can bet that pretty penny I will be getting a massage & a chiropractic adjustment (not at the same time ;)).  BUT, we in the USA need to start thinking about preventative care & not just emergency care.  We need to be thinking about how to avoid injury rather than ONLY treating it after the fact.  We need to treat out bodies like we treat our cars.  We are valuable!!!  Our bodies?  Well, it's the only one we've got.  Why do we take our vehicles in for oil changes?  To maintain the health of our vehicle's engine & get the optimal performance from it.  We don't get the oil change after the vehicle has stalled, by that point something bigger is wrong & it will be much more expensive to fix... so why do we do this with our bodies?

    Think about it.  Your massage therapist can be the "country shade tree mechanic" for your body.  For that matter, so can your chiropracter, your acupuncturist, your dietician.... let's start changing how we think of our body, let's start considering our body as a valuable piece of machinery that needs to be tuned up every now & then.  We are worth that, don't you think?

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