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Hands, Fingers, Feet, & Toes... We got 'em all

Well, we finally did it!  Thanks to an awesome request from an equally awesome customer, we had Hand/Feet Mitts in The Pipeline....  And due to the work-intensive nature of massage therapy, we had been working a design for Self-Care Sleeves to help with fatigue, pain, & maintenance....

Now, we can happily announce, those 2 items have been removed from The Pipeline & into the limelight of our Therapy Packs page!!!  Hooray!!

Take a look, tell us your thoughts, & enjoy the possibilities

"We are really excited about getting these done.  Too often therapists ignore their self-care, let's be honest, we suck at it.  We love taking care of people, but when it comes to ourselves, well, we just suck at it lol.  I wanted for us to work on the Self-Care Sleeves knowing that it would give therapists a chance for self-care while on the way home, watching TV, or if you're really talented, while working on the computer.  Then we had a lovely request for Hand Mitts to pair with Paraffin Dips, this seems like a no-brainer now, but at the time it was like "huh?  Should we?"  DUH! Yes we should!  So we did ;). 

Now between the 2, we have your hands, fingers, feet, & toes covered.  Warm & toasty, & ready for break before the next day begins :)"

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