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Do Holsters Change WIth Covid-19?

So I'm sitting here next to Bethany, Manager of Perfect Pockets Plus, and a thought occurs to me. This is a funny one to me because I haven't said anything to her about this yet. But I wanted to pose a question to all the massage therapists out there trying to push through this pandemic.

Do you feel that your holster will change at all for this? A part of this isresearch that hasn't been asked for, but I thought it would be good to broach. We have seen the tremendous growth of our craft and the remarkable care our customers have put into their new holsters. When Kim made holsters for Bethany, I thought it was really cool, but I didn't truly understand how important holsters were to massage therapists until more people asked Kim to make them one.

But it makes sense, right? I mean, even from a novice or ignorant perspective, you can tell that massage therapists often depend on clean transitions when it comes to their massage style. Holsters can make significant changes to ones routine that most would consider subtle. The same can be said for the container of product therapists use.

Do you believe that mask considerations should be included with your holster?

Does the fit need to change for accomodating the new spacing regulations?

Should different materials be used that may or may not clean/sanitize better?

These are all questions I'm asking you this post, and I'll ask Bethany and Kim at some point (if they don't see this post first).

With that, I hope you all are having a wonderful, safe, and happy start to 2021. 

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