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Our cabin is unbelievable!  Thank you

We've met 

Scott Lindquist of Reboo

king Mastery


Rebecca Brumfield of Badass Bodyworkers


and made some INCREDIBLE contacts through" target="_blank">AMTA-NC

," target="_blank">Upledger

, &" target="_blank">FSMTA

... we've done videos with Gael, FSMTA, Beth..... we've done some classes, have more classes to come, bought some amazing products from

Soothing Touch




Founder's Hemp

... mom has gotten work done by


& the INCREDIBLE & INSPIRING" target="_blank">James Waslaski


It has been so wonderful


The kids got to see some horses today & play in the river yesterday.  I've had dinner with the awesome Badass Bodyworkers & watched Rebooking Mastery make a spotlight appearence at the

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