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Custom Massage Holsters

Keep your cremes, lotions, oils, & brushes handy with help from the experts at Perfect Pockets PLUS. We offer customized Massage Belts that are made from top-quality materials.

Custom-Crafted Massage Holsters

      Our Custom-Crafted Massage Holsters are just that, custom to your needs. We want to work with you to design the perfect holster. Whether you want a pocket for tips, hot stones, creme, lotion, oil, essential oils, tissues, business cards... we can make it YOUR perfect pocket.

Price varies: $35-$60

Make sure to check your Junk/Spam Folders after you e-mail us for our response!

Esthetician Holster

      Our Esthetician Holsters feature a back pocket for cards & tips, a large zipper pockets for gloves & product, multiple smaller pockets for brushes, & a pocket in the front for easy product access. We also have an upgrade option to add a bottle or jar holster for cremes, lotions, or oils.

:Contact us for pricing:

Single Holsters

      Our Single Holsters may only hold 1 lubricant, but that does not mean they lack pockets. Every Holster has pockets for pens, nail files, cards, & tips.

Single Creme Pump Holster - $15

Single Bottle Holster - $22

Tube Holster* - $30

Maternity Belt

Our NEW Maternity Belt is LIVE!  

      It is such a blessing when you find out you're expecting that new little bundle of squish, cuddles, & life... what's not as much of a blessing is when you can't wear your Holster anymore because the belt doesn't work with that growing belly. Now you're left trying to figure out how to carry your lubricants without getting more uncomfortable or messing up the flow of your work. That's just the way it is now, right?

Not Anymore

      Our Maternity Belt makes your Holster usable from beginning to end. No more cutting into the belly, no more awkward reaches, no more of that mess. We can make the Maternity Belt compatible with your current Holster or we can create a Custom Holster just for your individual & unique needs.


---> Most commercially available Holsters have a 1 inch nylon belts, though there is nothing wrong with this, it can be a bit more uncomfortable with a growing belly (spoken from experience). All of our belts are made with either 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch (the most comfortable) belts, but we do have 1 inch available if requested. Make sure to let us know what width of belt you would like.

---> If you order a Custom Holster to go with your new Maternity Belt, we always include a 'regular' belt for after your bundle arrives so your Custom Holster is ready for whenever your ready to use it.

---> This item is currently ONLY available in TAN. We will announce when we start offering more selection in colors :-D

Maternity Belt ONLY: $30

Maternity Belt WITH purchase of Holster: $20 + cost of Holster

Synergy Holster

      The Custom Synergy Holster* (3 pieces) is insulated to keep the heat off your hips & on your stones, allowing for longer working time without being tethered to your stone's warming station. 

      This Holster is designed to complement the Synergy Stone collection, but will work beautifully for traditional hot stones as well.  

      The full size Holster has the longer HeatWave Pocket with dual-sided zippers & the Double Divine/Blissful/Serene/Sublime Pockets as well as the Belt. But you also have the option of purchasing just 1 of the pocket options along with the belt.

Custom Synergy Holster (3 pieces) - $80 + $5 shipping

Custom Synergy Holster (2 pieces) - $55 + $5 shipping

*Does NOT include Synergy Stones

* There has been a concern regarding potential cross-contamination with the Tube Holsters between clients, we want to ensure the quality of our products so you can ensure the quality of your work. To address this concern we want to remind those who use our Tube Holsters (Singles or Custom) that we recommend using a moist towel for cleaning your Holster. Another trick to avoiding cross-contamination is also to use a small towel over the Holster itself as pictured here >

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