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-Relaxation Bundle-

Eye Pack*

Neck Pack

Little Gems (set)

-Practitioner's Level I Bundle-

Eye Pack*

Spot Pack

Office Pal

Self-Care Sleeves (set)

-Practitioner's Level II Bundle-

Face Pack*

Hand/Feet Mitts

Back Pack w/ Upgrade

-Retailer's Bundle-

(4) Eye Packs*
(4) Neck Packs
(2) Face Packs*  

* Eye Packs & Face Packs now have the option to add a strap, please indicate if you would like to add this option during checkout. Please note that there is an additional charge for adding a strap to the Face Packs.

**Warning: Strap is made with fold-over elastic, not suitable if you have a severe latex allergy.

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